Commercial Projects

The Healthy House Viehome

Directed by KG Dongho Kang
Produced by HyunJin Han
Written by HyunJin Han & KG Dongho Kang
Screenplay : KG Dongho Kang
Edit : KG Dongho Kang

High School Girl & Young Mom : JiHyun Yoo

Supporting Actors
Grand Father : 이석기
Grand Mother : 박민영
Husband : 김경민
Husband's colleague : 이주휘
Daughter : 오예은
Daughter's Friend : 박수빈
Courier: 김지성

Director of Photography : 권남열
Assiatant Camera Operator : 이주휘
Boom Operator : 정상규
Assiatant Boom Operator : 김현중
Assistant Director: 최종대

Hair & Make-up Artist : 손수정
Art director : KG Dongho Kang
Stylist : KG Dongho Kang
노래 : 아이구 나는 (2018) / 작사, 작곡 : 소한

Special Thanks
오예은 어머니 "서미라"님
이정아 부원장 at 청담 오보테

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